Taste Installations for The Singleton Whisky Launch Experience


Taste installations were designed to represent The Singleton 12 Year Old and launched the TAILFIRE into South Africa in April 2015.

Concept: Design a ‘Tour of Taste’ to access TASTE in more than one way.
– To look to the flavour profiles within the amber liquid that is The Singleton of Dufftown Single Malt Whisky in both the 12 year old and the Tailfire.
– To inspire the imagination and the senses in beautiful and interesting ways and to inspire good taste in more than one way.
– 200 people in Johannesburg in an edgy industrial location in the Maboneng Precinct.
– Other taste-makers were present in the form of enormously talented photographer, Lebo Lukewarm, famed poet and hiphop master Tumi Mole Kane and others including top DJ’s and The Bedford Food Truck for a delicious main course also paired to the 2 whiskies.

A great video below shot about and during the event for The Singleton #MadeOfTaste Experience.

3 large installations

The Tunnel of Taste – The Singleton 12 Year Old
Satin, metal, glass, plastic, wood, rope
A 12m tunnel on entry as guests flow into the space. Using glass terrarium balls, we share the various profiles within The Singleton 12 Year Old in the form of small bites/tastes.
Scent: Higher terrariums are filled with just-roasted hazelnuts as the first guests arrive to infuse the tunnel with the scent that is a key note in the liquid.
Tastes: Apple pie balls with stewed fruit and spice | soft toffee filled salted dark chocolate bites | caramelised bacon, hazel and orange chocolate bark


The Mist Garden – The Singleton Tailfire
Grass, metal, foliage, water, pear, apple
3 x 3m industrial gates positioned in a triangle covered in fresh foliage with fresh apples and pears pushed into it. The ‘garden’ has misters which push out a fine mist at intervals to fall over the guests as they visit the green wall.
Tastes: The ‘garden’ has industrial shelving which carries 400 spray bottles of pure fresh apple and pear essence infusions. The guest is encouraged to taste the spray or ‘mist’ as they taste their Singleton Tailfire and is designed to visit the freshness of this whisky and the subtle apple and pear notes.
Eat Design team also sprayed a stronger fragrance of the same apple and pear infusions above the guests (at intervals) as they visited the installation – to ‘mist’ down around them and infuse their smell sense as well as their taste sense.


The Berry Room – The Singleton Tailfire
Plinth, fabric, LED, glass, wood, perspex
A ‘room’ is built using 3,5m x 3m drops of prints of berries – all were different. Inside the room are 2 x tastes.
The glo-float – this is a glowing lightbox on a plinth with 50 holes that glowed red. The lightbox is also ‘floating’ above the table with a red glow beneath it.
Taste: Cranberry suspension jelly infused with vanilla with a fresh raspberry and strawberry pearls.
Berry Lip Balm Р100% fresh berry and coconut oil set into  lip balm container with bespoke labels.
Taste: Fresh berry with a hint of coconut.