Leopold7 fynbos nest & wild rosemary candyfloss

Consult on the food offering for the Leopold7 launch onto South Africa at The Old Mac Daddy, in Elgin, Cape Town.
Design a food installation as one of the 7 designers as curated by Tracy Lee Lynch & Jo Skelton of Lee Lynch Studios in Cape Town.

Fynbos Nest
– My team and I built this using only the natural fynbos from the Old Mac Daddy farm. The Elgin area had just seen a wild fire in the recent months and so the blackened burned branches were the base of the nest.
– Fresh wild rosemary was the stick on which we spun the candyfloss, the heat of the machine releases the oils within the rosemary and infuses the spun sugar to create a wonderful sweet-savoury taste.
– We also made various fynbos infused truffles which were the ‘eggs’ inside the nest.

Food concept
The experience was a full day and into the evening where there were 2 tiers of food being served. I collaborated with both areas.
Picnic under a tree
The team from FRESH at Paul Cluver created a menu of only local and fresh ingredients, prepared with absolute attention to detail and love by Niki Hall-Jones and chef Damian. It was presented simply under a huge oak tree overlooking a river on the neighbouring farm of South Hill.
Think fig and prosciutto tarts with honey, goats cheese, handmade breads,
Evening snacks
I created some additional menu elements like tempura wild flowers with honey, herbal dusts and colours to add to Jay’s Hickory Shack bbq-style food which was fantastic.


Thank you Ninjas Xaxa and Mariese.