American Express Platinum Fine Dining Awards


Full concept and design of the American Express Platinum Fine Dining Awards 2015.

Raw industrial design with a street food edge. Held in Johannesburg and Cape Town, 1 week apart.
– Create an awards with a difference.
– Turn fine dining on it’s head by mixing industrial casual with elegant luxury.
– Use projections as a form of installation art.

Look & Feel
– Industrial locations
– Wood, metal, stone
– Shots of copper, dark charcoal
– Industrial projections, movement

Areas of Interest

– I conceptualised and designed 3 projections
– Projection 1 – BAR – above the bar area,
– Projection 2 – INFUSE & PLAY above the shaved ice infusion cocktails area
– Projection 3 – A short movie that flowed in and out of street food scenes and close ups of chefs cooking and preparing food. Slow motion and real-time were edited together as well as a real-life street food sound track.
– I worked with an amazing company called Lucan to bring this to life.
– Top tech by CCPP.

Hand drawn illustrations as table cloths
- I conceptualised the designs with illustrator Xandri Redelinghuys, who up hand drew 40 ‘table cloths’ on brown paper in black ink embellished with gold.
– They were drawn to fit the top of each table to the millimeter.

Bespoke South African wild cocktails
Huge blocks of glowing ice made with decompressed water were shaved and used as the base of the drinks.
I designed 3 cocktails using locally foraged ingredients and local distillers of gin and absinthe.
Absinthe, fennel and mint – Roger Jorgensen makes Filed of Dreams, a fynbos infused Absinthe which I mixed with a cold infusion of fennel and mint.
Jasmine, rose and gin – Cape Town gin from the Woodstock Gin Co. was used (wine based for this cocktail), mixed with a floral hot infusion of wild jasmine and rose pelargonium.
Gin and tonic with lemon buchu – Woodstock Gin Co. gin used (wine based) with a lemon buchu hot infusion syrup.

Street Food menu
Cape Town

– I collaborated with chef Jody Theodore and created a street food menu with tastes from around the world – Eat Design prepared and delivered this course as well as full production and design.
– I worked with PJ VadasĀ  fom the HogHouse Brewing Co. group who delivered a main course with a BBQ feel with smoked meats and fish, kimchi and beautiful salads and hot sauces, bbq sauces. The HogHouse craft beer was also served on tap.
– Smoked salt and pepper by Oryx Desert salt.
– Dessert was a glowing pigs ‘trough’ filled with different street food desserts from around the world delivered by Eat Design. Handmade gem chocolates, fynbos marshmallows and more…
The menu was mirrored and delivered by the team from Fresh Catering with flair at Katy’s Palace Bar in Kramerville.

Photographs by Hein van Tonder, myself, Amex team.

Thank you:
Tracy and her unbelievable team from bConfident Events that put their faith in me to move with this concept.
Tamsin Snyman
PJ Vadas
Werner Uys
Annie Cawood
My team of amazing Ninjas, Xaxa, Jody, Hein, Danielle, SiIwood students.