Caro Jesse / Food Artist

Immersive experiences, sensory food & flora installations, visual stories, concept development, art direction, collaborations // STUDIO: Photography studio & location at The Bijou, Cape Town.

American Express Platinum Fine Dining Awards



Concept design of the American Express Platinum Fine Dining Awards 2015, in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Street food with an Edge
Designed the menu and worked with various street food chefs
Projections x 3 with animation and street food visuals.
‘Infuse and Play’ for cocktails, ‘BAR’ for the bar and another film that played throughout the night that layered animation with live street food market footage.
Illustrated table cloths
Ice block wild cocktails

Glowing ice blocks to make shaved ice for botanical cocktails

THE HOG smoker by PJ Vadas who created the main course in Cape Town.

Hog House beer on tap

Hog House brisket

Bespoke napkins using copper and steel accents

Ceviche in lime and chilli tigers milk

Hog House smokey stew

Katy’s Palace, Johannesburg AMEX Awards

Squid illustrated ‘tablecloth’ 1,2m x 2,4m

Garlic illustrated ‘tablecloth’ – 1 of 7 designs

Beetroot dust on dark chocolate and balsamic gem chocolates

Cow illustrated ‘tablecloth’. 1 of 7 designs illustrated by Xandri Redelinghuys

Fish ‘tablecloth’. 1 of 7 designs

Hog House food by PJ Vadas – smoker extraordinaire with his smoker The Hog

Glowing cocktails

Sour fig jam onto handmade fynbos marshmallow

Placing illustrated ‘tablecloths’ down at Katy’s Palace in Johannesburg