Caro Jesse / Food Artist

Immersive experiences, sensory food installations, visual stories, concept development, art direction, collaborations // STUDIO: Photography studio & location at The Bijou, Cape Town.

Photography – TOOLS

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Conrad Hicks
is a blacksmith. A true artist and superb craftsman.

He believes in tools. He makes sure that he can physically make every single tool that he uses to make his hand forged art. It’s quite wonderful and rare.

I shot this in my studio at home. It was a true experience to work with such raw, simple, beautiful things.

Where you can find them

The Tool Room – ‘Implements for Living’
The Bijou, 178 Lower Main Road, Observatory, 7925
9am – 3pm Monday to Saturday
Tel: 082 954 7740

The background

Intrigued by the current trend back to artisan, authentic and honest hand-fashioned items, Conrad Hicks and Jane Carter have launched their shop ‘The Tool Room – Implements for Living’, at the Bijou.
Conrad Hicks, a successful sculptor, artist and tool maker, has developed a range of ‘implements for living’ which are basically completely practical and serviceable tools, such as genuine hand forged roasting pans, skillets, knives, pestle and mortars and more.