Abstract Food Installations at The New Church Museum of Contemporary Art


The New Church Contemporary Art Museum in Cape Town collaborated with Eat Design for their 2nd birthday party in February 2015.

To create a sensory art and food experience that will delight and excite the mind and the palate, inspired by works on the current exhibition Thinking, Feeling, Head, Heart curated by Marilyn Martin.
“In November 2012 The New Church Museum, South Africa’s first contemporary art museum, opened its doors to the public. We are continuously invigorated through collaborations with South Africa and Africa’s leading curators, artists, thinkers, cultural commentators, and wine connoisseurs, finding innovative ways to engage with and enjoy the art of our time. And so it continues with this fabulous birthday taste experience designed by sensory food curator Caro de Waal.” – Kirsty Cockerill, Director.

Video: News24 Live‘s Jennifer Sanasie talks through and enjoys the installations with Caro.

7 Installations paired with some of the most esteemed and notorious abstract artworks in South Africa


Field of Dreams
A welcoming introduction to The New Church Museum’s birthday celebration
Plinth, neon, glass, silver
Green apple, mint and fennel infusion with herbal ice and a touch of Absinthe
A fresh Absinthe cocktail that pays tribute to the creativity of artists and dreamers. Small batch, handcrafted organic Absinthe by Roger Jorgensen of JOrgensens, made in South Africa in the traditional French way.


Abstraction of a Caprese
Inspired by the Walter Battiss, Bill Ainslie, Kevin Atkinson, Jan-Henri Booyens
White plinth, petri dishes
Basil, tomato, mozzarella, nuts
The beautiful painterly works of Battiss, Ainslie, Atkinson and Booyens reflect under the glass.
To take a well-known dish and make it abstract – the base elements of the dish are presented differently but the flavours remain the same. The question is… does it taste the same, now that it looks different?


Caramel gold
Inspired by the Alexis Preller

Plinth, canvas, caramel, chocolate, edible gold
Honeycomb and caramel with chocolate
Referring to the gilt used in the Preller that appears to be like caramel and toffee on dark chocolate.
To encourage guests to literally taste the painting.


Food of the Earth
Inspired by the Penny Siopis
Plinth, amethyst and crystal geodes, Himalayan salt rocks, crystal agate slices, rose and lavender
Cured ham, parmesan, beetroot, fig, blueberry, pomegranate
To reflect the colours and beautiful chaos of the earth and nature that I see in this work. The taste of the purples, pinks and reds.


Green Eggs and Carrots
Inspired by the Cameron Platter
Plinth, LED, wood, perspex
Carrot, ginger and orange
Here, I translate Cameron Platter’s work, as I see it, into a 3-dimensional world where the ‘carrots’ can be tasted.


Box of Beautiful Inspired by the
Serge Alain Nitegeka, Stanley Pinker, Mary Wafer, Kendell Geers
Wood, razor wire, rubber
Copper orb with soft passionfruit caramel centre by Alexander Avery
Making the box hard to get to as well as hard to open I refer to Nitegeka’s work, the razor wire refer to Geers and the whole installation, the anxiousness of the works in the room. The beautiful orb inside refers to the content discovered by the viewer.


Olympia is Serving Sushi Inspired by the Georgina Gratrix
Plinth, wheat laminate of Manet’s Olympia
Sushi cut and crafted by master Koshi Koyama of top Asian restaurant 2015, Kyoto Garden, Cape Town.
Referring to the Manet painting that Georgina Gratrix differs to in her work, this installation also plays on the present day – South Africa’s Kenny Kunene and his antics where sushi is placed on the body of women at his incredulous parties, objectifying women once more.

Video: News24 Live speak to New Church Museum curator, Marilyn Martin about the abstract work that is currently on exhibition at the museum.

Photographs by Hein van Tonder

Huge thanks to Scott at Kyoto Garden Sushi for his positivity and beautiful sushi.

Special thanks to my amazing team of freelancing Ninjas.
Ian Young, specifically for his amazing work on the egg light box, inventor of the beetroot wisp and unfailing perfectionism.

Chantelle Horn for her hot corset and steampunk craft cocktail vibes.
Cath Shone for her constant support and Xaxa for her professionalism and creative hard work ethic.
Lisa O’Mahone for always saying yes.
Excellent staff by Liquid Crush and Silwood students.